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Don't shoot what it looks like
Shoot what it feels like
- David Alan Harvey



Outdoor adventure is my passion, but photography is my gift. It gives me the opportunity to tell a story through a single moment and from a perspective that’s unique, personal, and real. For me, photography is an art that captures emotion on both sides of the lens.

I began taking my photography seriously after moving to Alaska in 1996. The many mountain adventures I experienced with close friends and when working as an instructor, guide, and Denali search and rescue ranger seemed worthy enough to share with others. In 2007, I took my passion further by attending the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Studying under professionals and collaborating with peers drove me even further towards my desire to tell stories through imagery.

After school, I choose to expand my perspective from outdoor adventure to wedding photography. Working in a dynamic, fast-paced, and technically challenging environment, I learned how to best interact with my subjects in order to capture the perfect moment. This is the lesson I will never forget: the process of creating an image is just as important as the image itself.

Professionally, I find myself most engaged when collaborating with others. Achieving a photographic vision results from teamwork between the client, subject, and photographer alike. Similar to working in the mountains, it’s the combined effort by all players involved that brings success in the creative process.

Over the last several years, I have been published in several outdoor magazines, science journals, and internet publications. In my blog, you can follow my last six years as a Field Safety Officer with the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Polar Program. Realizing that an office window could never replace my experiences outside, I’ve now turned my photography from an avocation into my vocation. Driven by hardwork, dedication, and humor, it is perhaps one of the best moves I have ever made.

You don't take a good photograph
you make it
- Ansel Adams


I can't resist a good story
or a good road trip


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